Welcome to my Dolls page! These are the dolls I have made based on characters from the online MMORPG game "Everquest". Please do NOT adopt these dolls! They were made for gifts for others, or for my own personal use. Feel free to have a look around! Enjoy your stay here!:)
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My first doll ever! Made for a trade for Lady Akyashaa Made as a surprise for Calalene Made for a trade with Lady Deuces.  This is for her character, Elsebeth Made for a wedding gift for Gnarf & Emiliafay For a trade with Katina. For a sweet kitty named Minka! Avatar for Minka Created for a contest Final contest entry for the NS Zodiac Challenge

Made for a trade with Puny, first attempt at white hair (bleh!)hehe For a wonderful lizard named Rakasaz! Made for a trade with Zanaria My first male doll.  Made for a guildmate named McMarcus A gift made for Braitha A gift for Nikaila, thank you for being my secret elf! Made for Eric Gildea, a portrait of his fiancee' A button made for a trade with Lolanae A button made for Clef For Immy! :) Yep, another button!  This one for Jellica for our exchange!

A button made for my hubby as a wedding gift :)  I love you! Signature made for Neilani, Thank you for inspiring me! :) Avatar made for a trade with Tethax Doll made to represent me in a roster portrait at Norrath's Stuidio Doll made to represent me in the Norrath's Studios yearbook The beginning stages of a Pirate Doll