These are signatures I've made for others as gifts or commissions
Click the images below to view larger versions of them

Signatures made for friends:
Elaralia, Priestess of Elune, Nomadic Souls
Rhazz gets to be one of my first screenshot manipulation guniea pigs! Alenda Hand, beastlord of Nomadic Souls The beginning of Lhordes' new signature Step 2: Lhordes gets a crystal ball! Step 3: added character and some stars for good measure Made for Lhordes' alt Beastlord character named Zajam Final combo signature for Lhordes and Zajam Lemleyka's signature.  My first attempt at painting over hair...I LOVE how the scarf/headband turned out!! Lemleyka's Avatar to match her signature.
For Nanzar, the friendliest Ogre in all of Norrath *smile* An alternate signature for Nanzar to use Nanzar's avatar to match his sig. Made as a joke, this Nanzar-chef was created in honor of him helping me with my baking tradeskill to complete my prayer shawl quest! GO, GO, Ogguk Cook!! Submitted as commission signature, Gnarf thought red was too angry (*chuckle*) and thought blue would be nice! :) Final commission submitted! Avatar bonus for Gnarf as a thank you for my first commission! A surpirse for Nikaila begninning of a signature for my longtime friend, Faleen, a human paladin. NEE!*grin*
For SOULSQUEAK! For a warrior friend named Dinadin For my brother, Billy.  A reflection of his City of Heros character Dith! This magician wanted something with fire or a library in the background :) A commission for Elamas.  Click to see signature and avatars! A signature made for my friend JD.  He is one of the first EQ friends I made.  *hugs* Click here to see three pictures I made for Percevil.  I got his name for the Halloween Howl exchange. :)

These are the signatures I've made for myself:

AalyNS AalyNS2 AalyNS4 AalyveWyyre AalyVen aaly2sig Made for my alternate character, a wood elf druid named Adamina Made for another cleric character I play, a dark elf named Darkrival*