These are gifts from others as trades or surprises from friends over at Norrath's Studios: (Thank you to all of you!) :)
Click the images below to view larger versions of them

Sig to match my Magelo by Lady Akyashaa Magelo made by Lady Akyashaa Made by Zanaria, she made my Felwithe home beautiful! Desktop made by Katina.  Magical! Cute dolly made by Puny Pebble A gift from Lolalane aka Lola Aalyve in the summer!  Avatar made by Nikaila My very first trade!  Thanks to Nikaila who asked if I wanted a doll, I received this beautiful little lady from her! :) Made by Nikaila for my birthday.  She tried to be a secret elf, but I guessed who made this for me on the first try! :)  Thank you sweetie! A gift from a Secret Elf at Norrath's Studio!  Thank you!
A wedding gift from Braitha for my husband, Eric and I.  What a sweet and special surprise! Desktop by Lady Deuces prepostwork Final desktop made by Lady Deuces Made by a Secret Elf over at Norrath's Studios. What a WONDERFUL surprise! I finally found out it was Immy!  Thank you hon! :) My very first message board signature, made by A Wee Pixie *smile* A gift from a Secret Elf! Thank you, Secret Elf!! *hugs* Jellica's half on an exchange we did. :)  Thank you, Jellica!  Braitha's half of our exchange Beauterina Aalyve by Tethax!  Thank you! :)

Halloween Howl exchange, Lolanae had my name and create this for me! Thanks sweetie! :) Aalyve dressed as a butterfly by Lolanae! Thank you so much! *Keeper of the Stars* desktop created by Lolanae.  Thank you!